Professional recruitment is paramount to the sustainable success and growth of multi-national companies. As executive talent searches go, the final decision to accept an offer of employment becomes a local one. Insights Recruiting Strategies, a Fort Smith-based relocation firm, offers extensive consulting and hosting services to complement corporate recruitment efforts with a
quality of place perspective.


”Spousal resistance is the No. 1 critical family challenge to relocation, according
to a GMAC Global Relocation Services’ survey. Family concerns and a spouse’s career are the two most common reasons for assignment refusal, while spousal dissatisfaction is the highest cause of assignment failure.”

--Boston Business Journal


Assignment refusals often happen because of spousal dissatisfaction. To ensure successful recruitment, Insights Recruiting Strategies assists both the recruited employee and the people most important to them to develop a well-rounded perspective of life in the River Valley. Our exclusive, personal counseling further improves the likelihood of long-term executive retention.


When the time comes to hire top level, out-of-market talent, consider Insights Relocation Strategies a critical element of your recruiting plan and lead with your best asset—Community!




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